Figure 7.

Effect of diet-reversal on CIDE-A expression. Mice were weaned onto the indicated diet for 33 weeks. The mice were then switched to the indicated diets for an additional 14 weeks. RNA was isolated from frozen liver as described. Real Time RT-PCR was performed on the cDNA transcripts using CIDE-A forward and reverse primers. Housekeeping genes, ACTG (actin gamma cytoplasmic) and GADPH (glyceraldehyde-III phosphate dehydrogenase), were utilized for normalization as described. Relative expression levels were calculated using normalization factors derived from geNorm analysis of ACTG and GADPH using the delta-delta CT method. CIDE-A expression levels in control mice fed standard chow for the entire feeding period (SC-SC) were given a value of 1.0. Changes in CIDE-A expression due to diet were expressed relative to the control mice. N = 4 (for each group). SC, standard chow; HF, high-fat diet.

Kelder et al. Comparative Hepatology 2007 6:4   doi:10.1186/1476-5926-6-4
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