Figure 1.

Sequential lobe biopsy during IPRL (part I). This figure was prepared with a non-perfused rat liver to aid manipulation and photography. Perfused liver becomes pale brown with exsanguination. CP = caudate process, duo = duodenum, hgl = hepatogastric ligament, hpv = catheter in hepatic portal vein, ICL = inferior caudate lobe, IRLL = inferior right lateral lobe, IVC = inferior vena cava, LLL = left lateral lobe, LML = left median/middle lobe, oes = oesophagus, R kidney = right kidney, RML = right median/middle lobe, SCL = superior caudate lobe, SRLL = superior right lateral lobe, stm = stomach. A. Anatomy of the rat liver. B. Stomach and oesophagus separate SCL and ICL. C. Untied ligature placed around pedicle of SCL. D. Arrow pointing right = untied ligature around pedicle of SCL. Arrow pointing left = tied ligature around pedicle of ICL.

Rowe et al. Comparative Hepatology 2011 10:7   doi:10.1186/1476-5926-10-7
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